Ken Thompson
Executive Director of Operations

Quiz Night at My Place: Prepare to answer questions based on PSL’s operational goals, budgets, and TL and LTL Shipping. It’s gonna be epic.

I am the Executive Director of Operations for PSL, leading its logistics teams across the United States. Over my 20-year career in the Army, I served alongside some of the smartest and determined people in this country, and I am proud to spend my days with employees of the same calibre here at PSL. But I don’t just work since leaving the Army. I have also been enjoying civilian indulgences like skiing, mountain biking, and consuming what even I’ll admit are too many energy drinks.

Fun Facts

Myself in 3 words: Caring. Intelligent. Motivated.
Childhood Dream Career: Apache helicopter pilot.
Ideal Super Power: The ability to read people’s minds.
Guilty Pleasures: Monster Ultra energy drink.

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