Matthew Williams
General Manager/Co-Founder, PSL

Catch me Tuesdays at 2am on cable channel 12 hosting my Lord of the Rings-inspired cooking show.

After graduating magna cum laude from Weber State University, I held various positions at big-name shipping and logistics companies like UPS, 3Com (later acquired by Hewlett Packard) and FedEx Freight. I gained valuable, on-the-job experience that served me well when I finally co-founded PSL in 1992. Born and raised in Utah by parents that had a passion for the outdoors, I now spend my free time trying to convince my wife and three children to become outdoor enthusiasts themselves. So far I’ve had a few successes. The family that SCUBA dives together, stays together.

Fun Facts

Myself in 3 words: Creative. Ambitious. Empathetic.
Childhood Dream Career: Fighter pilot.
Ideal Super Power: Flight
Guilty Pleasures: Fantasy books, movies, JRR Tolkien collectibles.

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