At Visible, we do our best to keep our followers abreast of the most crucial USPS information that crosses our desk, which is why we’re bringing you the most up-to-date information regarding postal worker dog attack rankings, city-by-city. Every year, the USPS releases a list of which cities are the worst for dog attacks in the U.S. See below: 
RankCityState2015 Dog Attacks2014 Dog AttacksChangePercent Change
1Houston TX77631422%
2San Diego CA58471123%
3Cleveland OH58372157%
4Chicago IL57461124%
5Dallas TX57431433%
6Los Angeles CA5675-19-25%
7Louisville KY51401128%
8Kansas City MO46321444%
9Philadelphia PA44331133%
10Columbus OH43222195%
11Portland OR41311032%
12Fort Worth TX39261350%
13San Antonio TX39241563%
14Denver CO3840-2-5%
15Phoenix AZ363513%
16St. Louis MO3539-4-10%
17Seattle WA3429517%
18Detroit MI3228414%
19Long Beach CA3227519%
20Indianapolis IN3135-4-11%
21Sacramento CA312927%
22Minneapolis MN3033-3-9%
23Baltimore MD3027311%
24Miami FL282628%
25Cincinnati OH2824417%
26Brooklyn NY26151173%
27San Francisco CA252329%
28San Jose CA2420420%
29Albuquerque NM2416850%
30St. Paul MN24618300%
31Oakland CA232215%
32Milwaukee WI231112109%
33Charlotte NC2223-1-4%
34Dayton OH2218422%
35Las Vegas NV2119211%
36Pittsburgh PA2022-2-9%
37Jacksonville FL201010100%
38Rochester NY191816%
39Fresno CA1917212%
40Stockton CA19910111%
41Wichita KS1825-7-28%
42Flushing NY1814429%
43Baton Rouge LA1899100%
44Memphis TN1713431%
45Richmond VA1617-1-6%
46Salt Lake City UT169778%
47New Orleans LA1519-4-21%
48Omaha NE151417%
49Des Moines IA1511436%
50Toledo OH1510550%
 I’m sure Los Angelenos are extremely upset, not only about losing the top spot this year, but also about falling all the way to sixth. Meanwhile, Cleveland and Columbus were tied for the two biggest jumps, both adding 21 new victims this year alone. Clearly, Ohio’s dogs are sick and tired of postal workers setting foot on their properties. Looking at a state-by-state map, we start to see some other trends:image00The fact that Texas and California came in first and second respectively is no surprise, as they are first and second in population as well. But the sleeper award goes to Ohio, which has clinched the coveted third top spot in postal worker dog attacks. All that hard work by the dogs in these cities has clearly paid off. Is there something in the water in the Buckeye state? In fact, the entire mid-west region is a surprisingly dangerous place to be a USPS employee when it comes to canines yet could be a surprisingly lucrative region if you’re in the pepper spray business. If looking to avoid bites, a postal worker’s dream is the Southeast. Not only were most states in this area too low on the list to even register, but Florida, which has the third highest population in the country, is 17th on the bad dog list. Maybe moving in with grandma isn’t such a bad idea after all.